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Stake Yer Claim!

Mt Carlyle lodge’s “Powder Claim” sits at 2200m (7200ft for those metrically challenged), in the heart of the Kokanee Range in British Columbia’s World Famous Selkirk Mountains.

Miners of the 1800’s were the first “Powder Prospectors” to realize that these mountains were to become British Columbia’s premier powder skiing destination.

Like those pioneers , stake your claim to Carlyle Lodge’s “White Gold”.

With an average yearly snowfall of over 700 inches per year, The “Powder Motherload” is always close at hand, not another elusive dream.

Unlike those early prospectors, treat yourselves to Mt Carlyle’s comfortable accommodations , heralded cuisine, and endless private powder stashes, set among breath-taking scenery.

Thanks to Milada P. from Slovakia for sending us this quote.


“Whatever degree of skill a skier may possess, they should never forget that their skis are after all only an instrument, a means through which they can enjoy the winter in all it’s glory and ruggedness, can breath clean fresh air , can meet human beings in their true character, and can forget all the petty troubles which beset our so-called civilization.

Otto Schniebs, 1936

These are a few of the reasons why skiing is not merely a sport- For us here at Mount Carlyle …IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.


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