The Fine Print

We recommend you carefully read all the Fine Print prior to your reservation. Please contact us, if you need any clarification in regards to the information provided.

WAIVER Release of Liability:

Anyone participating on a trip with KMH needs to pre-read the waiver. KMH will supply you with a printed version of this waiver once you arrive, it will then need to be signed.


Unless you and members of your group are avid Telemark skiers, we recommend the use of alpine touring equipment. We highly recommend the use of releasable ski bindings with ski brakes.

Recommended Equipment

each participant on one of our backcountry ski trips must bring: a small personal UHF Radio, avalanche beacon – fresh batteries for both – a collapsible shovel and a probe, we recommend collapsible probes over ski pole probes.


All members of a group opting to participate on a self-guided trip must be competent in: snowpack and terrain evaluation, route finding, avalanche rescue, backcountry first aid and emergency response procedures. If you are not, we recommend you join one of our guided weeks.


They are not responsible to warn you of any hazards in regards to the snowpack or terrain – on occasion they may do so. In the event of an accident they are not responsible for the rescue or any first aid needed to be rendered. In the event of an accident requiring evacuation the custodian, if available, will assist with communications and helicopter logistics.


Winter reservations include helicopter transport into/Out of the lodge. In the event of an evacuation, the cost will be your responsibility. Weight restrictions do apply.



    • All Winter trips include helicopter flights INTO and Out of lodge.
    • weight restrictions do apply . See Pre-trip info.
    • Helicopter flights OUT are included at the Quoted Trip price ONLY when “Dovetailing” occurs. i.e.; If there is no booking the following week of your trip ; your group is responsible to pay for any associated heli costs to fly your group out of lodge.Exceptions MAY be made , IF Mt Carlyle needs to do a maintenance flight ,or flying in freight/supplies. Contact our office for more details.
    • Approximate 2018-19 extra heli flight cost= $400-500 per trip . In and out $800-$1000 (tax is included).
    • If your group is “Overweight” in regards to helicopter weight restrictions , and you require any extra flight/s; the extra cost will be the responsibility of your group.
    • If you know ahead ,or think your group will be “overweight”, please pay ahead by contacting Crystal(reservation manager) 250-362-9670
    •   NO CREDIT CARDS at Heli-staging please.
    •  The office needs to be contacted , notified , and arrangements/agreement made IN ADVANCE of any possibilities of an “overweight group” .
    • If your group requires an EVACUATION the cost is YOUR GROUPS RESPONSIBILITY.
    • We strongly recommend you research and purchase Insurance options.
    • All gear and people will be weighed at the Kaslo heli staging/ vehicle parking area, in advance of the helicopter arriving.

Groups must leave time for the “weighing in” process.

Self Guided Groups

  • Self-Guided Groups: Individuals or groups opting to reserve non-guided are expected to be self-sufficient and competent in regards to accessing terrain, snow stability evaluation, first aid and mountain rescue.
  • Self-Guided individuals are entirely responsible for their own safety, first aid and self rescue. All individuals also should be competent in mitigating exposure to avalanche terrain and general winter mountain hazards.Trip options listed are in Canadian $ and are for 7 days. Sunday to Sunday

    Our Helicopter transfer day is on Sunday.

    Prices are based on a minimum # of guests as listed.

    Mt Carlyle Lodge accommodates 12 People maximum.

    Trip options listed are in Canadian $ and are for 7 days. Sunday to Sunday

    All trips include standard helicopter flights in .

    Our Helicopter transfer day is on Sunday.

    Prices are based on a minimum # of guests as listed.

    Mt Carlyle Lodge accommodates 12 People maximum.

    SWAG !

    Bring some extra cash ya may want to purchase some Carlyle Swag .

    If you get no joy in snow you’ll have less joy in yer life, and the same amount of snow !

Photo: Dave Heath

Mount Carlyle Lodge is also available for Summer & Fall bookings. Contact us for more info.