Heli Info


Helicopter Staging Area:

Kaslo, North end of Airport.

Directions to the helicopter staging area:

If coming from out of town on Sunday morning, Please contact your custodian by 8:00am if you will not be arriving to the helicopter staging area on time.

If you are coming from Nelson, drive 1 km past the Esso Gas Station, (it’s on yer right).
Turn left onto Balfour Ave.

If you are coming from Kaslo, drive towards Nelson, at the crest of the first large hill; turn right onto Balfour Ave, towards the airport(watch for Airport sign) .If you go past the Esso ,you’ve gone too far.
After turning onto Balfour Ave. stay on this main road without turning left or right for 3 km. At the top of the hill you will be driving past a few airplane hangers (on your left) , keep going! .
The KMH helicopter staging location is at the very end of the airstrip on the left. Once you arrive, you will meet a KMH representative who will start organizing things for the helicopter flights in.

Helicopter type:

Airbus AS350 B2 “AStar”

Heli Company:

High Terrain Helicopters Ltd. 250 354 8445



From Kaslo Airport there will be a total of 3 passenger flights to the Lodge per group of 10 guests .

  • More flights are you required if you are more than 10.
  • A MINIMUM amount of gear is loaded onto the machine with people.


To ensure safe helicopter travel, flight weights are set at a maximum allowable.


per person including SKIS:
Lodge Rental-Self-Catered Groups: 80 lbs. per person
KMH Catered groups: 50 lbs. per person

Gear means
: Skis, day packs, all packed clothes, all food, liquor and anything else you will be bringing.

Our custodians will check weights to ensure all gear is within a few pounds of the allowable weight’s as stated above. If you are way over weight you will be charged accordingly.