Vitamin Ski PHD

October 18, 2022

“Most amazing experiential mountain course ever. Mel and Brendan are the best mountain coaches i’ve had. April felt like mid winter with endless POW!”

PHD Graduate & Guest Editor
Jean-Marc La Flamme

This 5 day program featuring Mel and Brendan as our experienced ski guides helped us grow and develop our touring and mountain skills making us a more competent recreationalist while supporting us going deeper into the backcountry for fresh tracks! Coming out of this course we gained more confidence in decision making in the mountains to support us having more safe and successful days in the backcountry!

We covered

  • Route planning and finding with maps and digital devices
  • Interpreting Weather and Avalanche forecasts
  • Terrain selection for up tracks and fresh tracks
  • Hazard and Snow Pit Analysis
  • Rope and Avalanche Rescue
  • Shred Posse Management

See the photos for insight!

Yoga and Hiking Retreats

May 15, 2018

With a peaceful mind and an open heart, come rejuvenate in the Kootenays for a yoga and hiking retreat.

  • Guided Hiking on beautiful trails
  • Fully equipped 12 person lodge nestled in the Selkirk Mountains
  • Stunning views of Kokanee Glacier and wildflower meadows
  • Sunrise and sunset yoga

2024 Carlyle Retreat Dates

  • Aug 2-5
  • September 20-23



Winter Rapidly Approaching

October 28, 2015

A recent trip up to the lodge found us ankle-deep in pow, filmmaker and photographer Derek Frankowski tagging along for some high-lonesome-country time; that’s him wayyyy down below in the approach to Carpenter Pass.IMG_1148 - Copy

Safely deposited in the cozy lodge zone, Derek took advantage of the changing weather to film and photograph the surroundings as part of an upcoming project! (pics coming from DF soon- in the meantime, if you haven’t seen Lifecycles the film, here is a link to his site- Enjoy!)


August 26, 2015


The vision of Mount Carlyle Lodge owner Brian Cross, small guided groups can retrace the footsteps of historic miners through the substantial summer tenure; whether you’re a geologist by trade or interest, a history aficionado or a dyed in the wool hiker, the Sourdough route is stacked with views, vistas and stunning surroundings.

– from an article about Mount Carlyle Lodge’s Sourdough Trail by Tyler Austin Bradley. Read the whole thing on Mountain Weekly.

All the way from the Adirondacks

July 26, 2015

Hope you are well. I thought that you would like this photo from a backpacking trip we were just doing along the Moose River in the Adirondacks. That is my six year old Owen.
– Craig

The Sourdough Trail

May 27, 2013

Fall Reflection | Photo: Dave Heath


The SourDough trail….A Spectacular Kootenay Classic . 4 days /3 nights of back country  hiking along a high elevation , ridgeline, overflowing with wildflowers. Camp beside alpine lakes, while being surrounded by 5 different mtn ranges. A photographers dream.
What’s SPECIAL about this hike is you only need a day pack !! That’s right NO Heavy pack. At all 3 camping sites we have located “stash” boxes , supplied with all camping supplies, along with all non-persihable food supplies. Read more about it here…

Summer will be here soon

May 16, 2013

summer poster 2013

Thank you Mount Carlyle and Backcountry Skiing Canada!

April 3, 2013

cetificate photo

“I better dig out my powder sluice box because I recieved a letter in the mail that certifies I have hit the motherlode! So happy I could yodel. Thank you Bomber and the folks at Mount Carlyle Lodge for providing such a killer prize and thanks to Backcountry Skiing Canada for a great contest.”


George Oulton

It is a Way of Life

March 29, 2013

Thanks to Milada P. from Slovakia for sending us this quote.


“Whatever degree of skill a skier may possess, they should never forget that their skis are after all only an instrument, a means through which they can enjoy the winter in all it’s glory and ruggedness, can breath clean fresh air , can meet human beings in their true character, and can forget all the petty troubles which beset our so-called civilization. These are a few of the reasons why skiing is not merely a sport- IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.

Otto Schniebs, 1936

I want to leave ski tracks, not a skid mark

March 20, 2013


Some wisdom from the hills by Peter Lev, who was up at Mount Carlyle this winter.

Backcountry Purist Adventure at Mount Carlyle Backcountry Lodge

January 20, 2013