Pre Trip Info

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If you get no Joy from snow, you’ll have less joy in yer life and the same amount of snow !

Last Minute Questions:

Once our season starts, it’s best to contact Melissa for reservation, and payment questions at 250-353-1094 or email

For other logistical questions contact your custodian at otherwise Brian direct at

MAP 82F/14 … 1:50,000 scale .
UTM = 489949E 5530191N
Carlyle Radio Frequencies = LAD 2  – 158.94

All guests must read and agree to the Release Agreement prior to booking a trip with Mount Carlyle Lodge.
Guests will also be required to sign the Release Agreement upon arrival. Your custodian for the week will be contacting you about 1 week prior to your trip date. At which time they will be exchanging contact info, attempting to answer any last minute questions etc.

Please familiarize yourselves with the Waiver, fine print, and heli logistix.



Extended medical and cancellation insurance is available and recommended, call your travel agent or Lifestyle Financial for more information. Lifestyle Financial is located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley who help insure Adventure tourism vacations across the world, or right here in Canada.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue is a medical evacuation and crisis response company that provides evacuation services for skiers all over the world.
For more information go to Global Rescue.

We highly recommend groups purchase medical and trip cancellation Insurance . Contact your local provider.


Helicopter Staging Area:

Kaslo, North end of Airport. Meeting time Sunday mornings 8:30a.m.

Directions to the helicopter staging area:

BEST BE ON TIME, besides yourself; your being late effects over 2 dozen folks and equipment. However if for some unforeseen reason (better be a good one ) Contact High Terrain Helicopters (250-354-8445) by 8:00am if you will not be arriving to the helicopter staging area on time.

Coming from Nelson, drive 1 km past the Esso Gas Station, (on your right), and turn LEFT onto Balfour Ave. You ought to our sign here.

Coming from Kaslo, drive towards Nelson, at the crest of the first large hill; turn RIGHT onto Balfour Ave. Towards the airport.
After turning onto Balfour Ave. stay on this main road without turning left or right for 3 km. You will be driving past a few airplane hangers on your left after a small hill.
The KMH helicopter staging location is at the very end of the airstrip on the left. Once you arrive, you will meet a KMH representative who will start organizing things for the helicopter flights in.

Helicopter type:

A-Star- B2 – 5 passenger with a ski basket.

Heli Company:

High Terrain Helicopters Ltd. 250-354-8445


For a group of 10 guests and leaving from Kaslo Airport there will be a total of 3 passenger flights . Gear is loaded onto the machine with passenger flights in cargo compartment and outside cargo/ski “basket”.


To ensure safe helicopter travel, flight weights are set at a maximum allowable.


per person including SKIS:
Lodge Rental-Self-Catered Groups: 80 lbs. per person
KMH Catered groups: 50 lbs. per person

Gear means
: Skis, day packs, all packed clothes, all food, liquor and anything else you will be bringing.


If you feel you cannot meet the weight restrictions , or your group prefers to come in “overweight”, No worries you just need to buy another flight ( approximately $800/per flight).
Depending on the size of your group and amount of gear you may need to buy a flight out as well.
Often Carlyle Lodge needs to fly in gear/supplies so we maybe able to help in offsetting an extra flight.
Contact us ahead of time so we have time to organize logistics of an extra flight.

Extra flights must be paid in advance ($800 CAD per flight), preferably when booking your trip . Contact Melissa (reservation manager/bookkeeper), 250-683-8388

. If you are unsure your group is within the Weight restrictions. …Pay for another flight and if not used Melissa will gladly issue you a refund .

If your group does not want to make an extra flight then each individual needs to weigh out all their gear prior to arrival to make sure they are not over the allowable. A bathroom scale works fine for this.

Our custodians will check weights to ensure all gear is within a few pounds of the allowable weight.

10 guests, 2 staff, all food ,booze, gear, skis,etc = A total of 3400lbs. 

on Average 283 lbs per person. Includes body weight

If yer a group of Burly Dudes , best buy another flight.


Kaslo Amenities

All shops are open Saturdays until 17:30 and are located on Front Street.

Groceries: Front Street Market, Cornucopia, Erics Meats.
Health food stores: Sunnyside Naturals.
BC Liquor Store.
Home Hardware for Misc. hardware supplies.
Restaurants: Blue Bell Bistro, Waypoint, Tree House( breakfast only).

Micro Brewery:  Angry Hen brewing.

Pre and Post trip Accommodation Options:

(reservations highly recommended)
Kaslo Motel: Downtown Kaslo close to center of town. 250 353 2431

Kaslo Manor Lodge 250-353-2999

The Sentinel Resort/Spa: 250-353-2246

Kaslo Hotel 250-353-7714

On the Cliff B and B: 5 min south of Kaslo, 250-353-7647

Ainsworth Hot springs Resort: 15 min. south of Kaslo 250- 229- 4212

At The Lodge We Provide:

Bedding: We supply all bedding.

We also supply: All toilet paper and soaps for dishes, general hygiene, shampoo etc. (DR Bronners- various flavors)

There are ample tools for any necessary equipment repairs.

Tunes: There is a BOSE Bluetooth player ( no batteries needed).


-Hut shoes/slippers OR we have some Awesome slippers we can sell you. Ambler brand ( check out their website), our favorite and most popular model is “The Carlyle” 
-snow boots for heading to and from the Sauna/Outhouse
-Towel for the sauna.
Re-usable lunch containers !!!
-Ski Crampons? (if ya got em, ya might as well bring em).

We have ample power so you can power your chargers for your, radios, cameras and headlamps, etc.
Bring spare batteries for your transceivers. etc.

Mount Carlyle is mostly Solar powered, but we have a generator which we will run as necessary in the evenings.
In the name of conservation we try to organize as much charging as possible at one time.
Bring a quick charger for batteries if possible.

Sorry “Dogs Are Not Allowed” except for human powder hounds. Other Guests may be allergic to dog hair and we hate cleaning dog hair from our furniture.


  • We have an AED Defibrillator
  • A light portable cascade rescue toboggan,
  • spine board, leg splints,
  • oxygen,
  • white gas stove and pots,
  • emergency tent,
  • a rescue pack which includes: a tarp, a sleeping bag, 2 blankets, cervical collar, a “rescue bubble” and 50-meter rope.
  • There is a rescue plan with the important Phone #.
  • You and your group are responsible for any other first aid gear needed.

We recommend that you all carry a first aid kit, while you are skiing.


We have radio communication at the guides/custodian cabin. If you are up at the lodge and there is an emergency at home, have people call or email  Melissa  250-683-8388.

We recommend groups bring in at least 1 Sat phone.
***Please note communications in remote locations can be unreliable and there can be lenghty “lag” times between communications.
We will supply the group organizer with a VHF radio that can be used in the field for emergencies. VHF Radio communication in the field has its limitations. If you have your own programmable radio our frequency is as follows 158.94


    • Kaslo 5 min
    • Nelson 1 hr
    • Castlegar 1.5 hrs
    • New Denver 1 hr
    • Vernon 3 hrs
    • Revelstoke 3.5 hrs (there is a ferry crossing on this route)
    • Spokane 4.5 hrs

Note: if you are flying back home from Spokane we recommend you book a flight for the Monday unless there is a “Red eye” on Sunday. You never know how long a border crossing can take !

Travel from Airports
Car rentals are available from all Airports including Spokane and Castlegar.

Depending on Avalanche hazard. We do have a  ski out option which can be done under most conditions and takes an average of 4-5 ? hours, and is a viable option if you need to catch a plane on Sunday .

Meeting Time:  7:45am @ The Kemball Building

Meet at our office to sign waivers and meet your Custodians. Office Address:

312, 4th St. Kaslo, BC Office # 105 (Large brick building across from the Husky gas station)


  • Plastic totes are best , but Food and fluids can be packed in small cardboard boxes and taped closed. (You can usually find these at liquor stores) .
    Your day pack is an important part of your flight ,you need to have it on board with you.
  • Other than your wallet and passport, vehicle keys; Do not load your daypack with anything else other than what you would take as for a day of backcountry skiing/boarding.
  • All extra clothes and misc. should be packed in A small to medium sized Backpack/ Duffel Bag . everything goes into cargo hatches on heli so NO LARGE ITEMS.
  • It is important to be all packed prior to arrival for the flight in.
  • Dress as for a day of skiing, you will need to wear your ski boots on your flight in.

Skis should be strapped or taped together. No ski bags please. Your skis and poles will be part of your passenger flight.
  • Split boards are fine in one piece. REMOVE bindings
  • RETURN GUESTS . no more net loads, everything goes into helicopter now.

The KMH personnel will deal with all the helicopter logistics, loading and unloading.
You will be given a helicopter safety briefing by the Pilot once all the gear is organized.