Vitamin Ski PHD

“Most amazing experiential mountain course ever. Mel and Brendan are the best mountain coaches i’ve had. April felt like mid winter with endless POW!”

PHD Graduate & Guest Editor
Jean-Marc La Flamme

This 5 day program featuring Mel and Brendan as our experienced ski guides helped us grow and develop our touring and mountain skills making us a more competent recreationalist while supporting us going deeper into the backcountry for fresh tracks! Coming out of this course we gained more confidence in decision making in the mountains to support us having more safe and successful days in the backcountry!

We covered

  • Route planning and finding with maps and digital devices
  • Interpreting Weather and Avalanche forecasts
  • Terrain selection for up tracks and fresh tracks
  • Hazard and Snow Pit Analysis
  • Rope and Avalanche Rescue
  • Shred Posse Management

See the photos for insight!